About Us

Esohysteria is a clothing and accessories line launched in 2018 by design company Love Nico LLC.  Love Nico was first started in 2004 when artist Corinne Alexis Hall unleashed her wares to the buyers behind the fashion world.  The company sold to major chains and small boutiques internationally.

Some of their clients included Hot Topic, Urban Outfitters, Trash and Vaudeville, Canal Jean Co. (NYC), Yellow Rat Bastard (NYC), Bugs (Munich), and Metropark.  While a majority of the products were silkscreened by hand in her Brooklyn, NY studio, the company occasionally had to go into mass production runs for high volume orders.  This led to brand new industry standards as the silkscreen shops devised fresh ways of emulating the hand-made effect that had made Love Nico so sought after.

The company officially closed its books in 2010, only to re-emerge anew in 2015.

Having had identical twin girls in 2017, the owner and designer Corinne Alexis Hall is currently migrating and translating  Love Nico’s thousands of designs onto products created by third party print fulfillment companies.  This has greatly expanded their capacity to introduce a broad selection of items on a monthly basis.  Esohysteria also includes designs from her paintings and illustrations.